June 11, 2015

About Us

ShareMind Media is a digitally native, full service marketing, PR and digital sales agency with offices in Mexico City, San Francisco and Sao Paolo, specializing in mobile, social, emerging media and brand experiences.

We have worked with well-known brands such as The Elder Scrolls, Fallout 4, Telltale Games’ Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Minecraft Story Mode; Rock Band 4, Tritton and many others.

Making a sale and building a brand requires establishing a relationship with your consumer. With a foundation in social media, we  create and execute digital native strategies that connect your brands to the communities that desire your products through the creation and development of innovative content and by connecting with communities and influencers across the region.

We also connect retailers with digital sales solutions to help them generate sales of digital content with no inventory cost. 

Our services include:

  • Press release and press kit distribution to Spanish and Portuguese media outlets
  • Localization and adaptation of press content
  • Alliances with opinion leaders and influencers
  • Distribution of demos, promo codes and samples
  • Extensive follow-up and collaboration with distribution partners 
  • Strategic partnerships with media and retailers
  • Extension of digital sales solutions in physical retail stores
  • Cost effective channel marketing campaigns
  • Social network community management
  • Paid ad and SEO management

Gerardo Pérez

Began his career working for the Press and PR department of Televisa, Mexico's top media producer. He has worked for major communication companies such as Univision.com - the largest Spanish speaking webiste in the US - and Televisa Publishing. Having been on both sides of the media spectrum - as writer and PR liasion - he knows what the media likes and needs, and how to provide it for them get the best promotion in return. Fluent in both Spanish and English, has done translation work for publishing houses in Mexico and is currently writing his own series of Children's books.

Iuri Augusto

Iuri Augusto

Iuri Augusto has 20 years of experience in design and marketing for Brazilian publishers like Editora Abril and Editora Globo for magazines, books, internet development and social media. Most recently, Iuri managed social media marketing for Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paolo. As a gamer to his core Iuri joined the Sharemind Media team to manage content creation and social media marketing across Latin America.

Moacyr Alves


Has worked tirelessly to advance the commercial potential of games and accessories in Brazil for more than 5 years as the founder of ACIGAMES (Association for Commerce and Industry for Videogames for Brazil) and as the Chairman of the Audio Visual Committee for the Ministry of Culture in Brasilia. He developed the idea for ìJogo Justoî (Fair Play) that created an alternative selling season for video games while drawing attention to the need to reduce the high taxes for games. He was also involved in the creation of Brazilís ìBrazilian Game Dayî known as ìBlack Friday for Gamesî. Moacyr speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish.